Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX 2.0

Focus more on your people and business, let Fujitsu worrie about the rest!

PRIMEFLEX 1.0 was the start on building a data architecture across a heavily distributed IT landscape! This is still available and has been rebranded as PRIMEFLEX Essentials for those companies that have the expertise and people!

For all other companies we now introduced PRIMEFLEX 2.0! PRIMEFLEX 2.0 Implementation Packs are an addon on PRIMEFLEX Essentials that adds powerfull documented, standardised and certified installations by Fujitsu or certified Partners! And that's not all! PRIMEFLEX 2.0 Solution Contract adds on top of this not only a Technical Support team with a dedicated Single Point of Contact (SPOC), your environment is also contineously monitored automating interventions and minimising risks.

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